Professionals information

Professionals information

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What is the Buzz?

The Buzz is the National Deaf Children’s Society’s exciting website for deaf children and young people aged 8 to 18 years of age. There are two sites – one for children (8 to 12 years old) and one for teenagers (13 to 18 years old).

The Buzz gives deaf children and young people a safe and positive online space of their own. Please encourage the children and young people you work with to visit this website, sign up and get involved. If they’re a budding artist or musician, have overcome barriers or achieved something inspirational, we’d love to hear from them and feature their story on the website. Please contact us by e-mailing 

Why did we create the Buzz website?

We asked nearly 1,500 deaf children and young people about the services they’d like from us. 90% of the deaf young people questioned said they wanted a dedicated website just for them.

What does the Buzz website include?

The Buzz gives deaf young people the opportunity to make new friends, check out the latest information, and to raise and chat about issues that matter to them. The site is closely monitored and we have a clear safety policy to help deaf children and young people keep themselves safe when using the website.

The Buzz promotes positive images of deaf young people. It shows deaf young people who have achieved amazing things, strongly promoting our message that deaf young people can succeed at whatever they want to.

The Events section of The Buzz lists the exciting events and activities that we run for deaf children and young people across the country and throughout the year. All of our events – which include sporting activities, arts workshops, camps, holidays and personal development courses – are designed 

to help deaf children and young people meet and make friends with others, to give them life skills, and to boost their self-esteem.
We welcome any questions or feedback about the website by emailing

Find out how the National Deaf Children’s Society can help you support deaf children and young people

As a professional working with deaf children and young people, your support is vital in helping them overcome barriers and achieve their potential.

That’s why we’ve developed services and membership offers that give professionals the knowledge, skills and confidence to help deaf children succeed. Visit the main NDCS website for details. 

New for 2021…

We’re launching a unique membership offer for educational establishments. From just £30* each academic year, it includes:

  • discounted places on professional training events and eCourses for your staff
  • free inset sessions delivered by our Roadshow team and unlimited digital workshops for your students
  • access to devices and technology to support deaf children’s experience in the classroom
  • a wide range of online resources, termly eNewsletter and quarterly issues of our members’ magazine
  • plus much more! 

Contact for more information and to register your interest.

*Membership fee varies depending on establishment size

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