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Live Chat

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Need help or advice? Send us a message on Live chat!

What is Live chat?

Live chat is a free, online service you can use to talk to our Helpline team. Our Helpline is here to help and the team are happy to answer your questions. We have information and guidance on lots of different topics related to deafness.

We can support you with things like:

  • becoming independent
  • making big decisions about your future
  • understanding your rights in areas like education, employment and benefits.

It’s really easy to use! Click the button below to start chatting

What happens when I use Live chat?

At the start of the chat we ask for a few details – your name, email address and postcode. This helps us in case we need to tell you about support in your area or send you more information.

Sometimes, your question may take more time to answer. This is because we may need to do some research or get further advice. We will keep you updated in the chat and let you know if we need to come back to you later on.

After each chat you will be emailed a copy of the chat so you can look back on any information or links provided.

All chats are completely secure and confidential. If we feel like you or someone else is at risk of being hurt or in danger, we may have to tell someone else like your parents, carers or emergency services, to make sure everyone stays safe. We will always let you know if we are going to do this.

When can I use Live chat?

We are available to chat 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday (not including bank holidays). Our Live Chat will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

There may be times within these hours that we are offline. If this is the case, please check again later or send an email or text for us to pick up when we are back online.

If you need help outside of these hours, you can contact Childline, who run a 24 hour support service. You can also register to use the emergency SMS service.

Useful links

Find out more about our Helpline and how to contact them. You can also learn more about our Advice and Guidance officers and how they can help you.