Information for over 18s

Information for over 18s

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Useful websites for deaf young people over 18

The Buzz is intended for people who are 8 to 18 years old. If you’re older than that, you might find parts of the website useful but you won’t be able to join.

Instead, check out the following websites for deaf young people over 18, where you’ll find tips on college, work, mental health, money and more!

National Deaf Children's Society

On the main National Deaf Children's Society website, we have lots of information for over 18s. This includes tips about moving out, going to adult audiology services, mental health and managing money.

Discover more on the National Deaf Children's Society website here.

Become a Deaf Young Adult member 

Are you between 19 to 25 years old? Join the National Deaf Children’s Society for FREE as a Deaf Young Adult member! 

How to join:

  • If you’re already a Buzz Club Member, once you reach 19 you can become a Deaf Young Adult member and you’ll continue to receive updates from us and contribute to our work. 
  • If you’re aged 19 but not previously a Buzz Club member you can join as a Deaf Young Adult and get full, independent membership, even if your parents/carers are already members themselves. 

Deaf Young Adult Membership benefits include:

  • invites to our youth events 
  • the chance to trial hearing devices from our Technology Test Drive 
  • updates from our Youth team via eNewsletter and our quarterly magazine
  • unlimited views and downloads of resources from our main site
  • members’ voting rights so you can contribute to our work. 

For more info on how to become a Deaf Young Adult member here.


Come and volunteer at our events! 

Not only will you give something back to the National Deaf Children’s Society, but we’ll give you: 

  • quality training opportunities 
  • lots of support 
  • a fantastic experience!

    Sign up to volunteer with the National Deaf Children's Society here.

    See Hear

    Be inspired! 

    Check out the BBC’s monthly magazine programme, See Hear, for and about deaf and hard of hearing people.

    Deaf Gamers

    Do you love gaming and are deaf?

    Deaf Gamers is the website for you. Game reviews from a deaf gamer’s perspective, challenging mainstream reviews when a game is so heavily dependent on audio that it’s difficult for a deaf person to play.

    Find new friends

    Facebook: Sign up and find old and new friends.

    They might be deaf, hard of hearing or hearing! You can communicate with them using instant chat or messages.

    Google: Do you enjoy a sport or a hobby?

    With clever Googling you can find other deaf people who’ve the same interests as you. Use terms like deaf football, deaf rave friends or deaf dance group.

    Other ways to meet new people

    • Go to clubs where you live – look in your local newspaper or visit the library.
    • Join a voluntary group.
    • The pub! Try Googling deaf pub and the area where you live.
    • Meet in a religious place like the church, mosque, synagogue or try Muslim Deaf, the Jewish Deaf Association, Deaf Church.

    College and university

    Starting college or university? Contact the Disability Equality Adviser to get all the support you need and are entitled to. This can include interpreters, communicators, palantypists, or one-to-one tuition.

    Jobs and apprenticeships

    Lots of organisations support deaf young people who are looking for apprenticeships or jobs. 

    • Try the RAD (London only), and your local JobCentre Plus
    • Access to Work can help you pay for things like interpreters, palantypists and equipment. Also check out Remark! for information on how to apply for ATW. 
    • Need inspiration for careers or ideas for the future? Watch other people’s stories on iCould. (Videos don’t have subtitles but there are transcripts of everything they say).
    • Check out Direct Gov for info on jobs and volunteering.


    • If you’re aged under 25, our Helpline can provide advice and guidance about Personal Independence Payments (PIP) as well as money to help you in education and employment. Contact our Freephone Helpline on 0808 800 8880, text 0786 00 22 888 or email
    • For information on how to apply for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and completing the form try our new PIP tool. There's information about the different benefits available at Remark! and RNI:D.
    • For further advice on money or benefits, check out the Citizens Advice website or JobCentre Plus.

    Mental health

    You can always talk to your GP about mental and emotional matters. For practical advice, look at the counselling page at Sign Health. SignHealth provides counselling throughout the UK and also has qualified therapists who communicate in British Sign Language.

    Legal advice

    Do you have problems with your rent, money, family or need legal advice? Look at Advice Now for some helpful ideas, or visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

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