Buzz ground rules

Buzz ground rules

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How to use the Buzz website

On this page we have some important info on how to use the Buzz website. We want you to have a great time on the Buzz, but we also want you to be safe, so we have some important rules you need to follow. Please take a moment to read them so you know what you should and shouldn’t do on the site.

If you break the rules, you won’t be able to use the site. Read our rules below and please follow them all! 

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Our ground rules

DON’T use your real name in your member name

When you register, you create a member name and password to use on the site. Because anyone can see your screen name don’t use your real name, part of your name, or any numbers from your address or phone number. Instead, make up something new, creative and fun! And never pretend to be somebody else – that could get you banned from the site!

NEVER TELL anyone your password or personal info

Never, ever share your password with anyone except your parents – it’s private! And don’t reveal your name, address, phone number or email to anyone online. If someone asks for your info, tell them no. If they keep asking, keep saying no and let us know by sending us a message on the ‘Got a Question’ button at the bottom. 

Remember: No one from will EVER ask for your password, so don’t give it out! Also remember that comments you make in our Ask the Buzz section will be viewed publicly; do not put personal information here either.
NEVER ASK anyone for their password or personal info.

We want to keep all of our members safe on the Buzz, so please don’t ask other members for details like their real name, where they live, their phone number, snapchat name, email address or any other contact details. 

ALWAYS talk to your parents or carer

It’s a good idea to involve your parents or carers in all of your online activities, and show them your favourite sites. Share what you do online. And if you’re ever uncomfortable with something that happens online, don’t be afraid to let them know. It’s totally OK! If you don’t want to talk to your parents, you can talk to us at the Buzz – just contact us using this form.

ALWAYS be nice!

The Buzz website is for deaf young people like you, and it’s important to be nice to each other. Remember that every screen name has a real person behind it! We review comments and messages to make sure people are being friendly to each other, so make sure your chats are nice and safe. Never say anything hurtful or upsetting – you could be banned from the site!

CEOP Internet safety

We're here to look out for you. If any of the content on this page has affected you please click the CEOP button.